Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday Deliveries!

Here are today's efforts in the custom pillow department. The top example features a piece of needlework that my client wanted reworked from a shirt to the pillow. The second pillow is for a sister's birthday gift using a photographic transfer and hand stitched embroidery. The back of the pillow has a collage of family photographs embroidered with a variety of stitching.

The crew has offered to open the shop tomorrow during the farmer's market so pop in and meet the artists while I take the family to the beach in Delaware. Enjoy your weekend!Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 20, 2007

It's like the day after Christmas!

Or make that the week after. Mid September in the Stifel House is anticipated with a countdown worthy of Advent. We held our 17th annual Stifel Family Pig Roast last Saturday. Record crowds attended as it was the first time lots of folks were to catch up with Bob since his hospital stay earlier in the year. Plus we celebrated the big guy's 50th birthday. (That's Bob pontificating from our porch there on the left!)
The weather was threatening all week but it turned out to be the most glorious day imaginable. Sunny and cool, with just enough breeze to keep the bugs off. Many thanks to the dozens of people that helped us set up and tear down for the party as well as a big whoop of gratitude for the ladies (and Phil) who manned the shop so I didn't have to miss my own party. Everyone that left behind bowls, plates or spoons come take them off the porch before they get thrown into the box marked "misc. supplies".

This week began the "new" schedule. Now that the kiddies are back in school, Ashleigh is in the shop Monday and Tuesdays and I am in the rest of the week. The premise is that I will do outside commercial calls on my "out" days. This week I had the pleasure of walking through client Lisa's new home and helping her pick out fun paint colors so she can have the contractor paint everything before her family moves in. Now doesn't THAT sound like a luxury!

I had a blast treasure shopping this week. I found the greatest vintage bar glass set with their own carrying rack. Highballs, anyone? Another fun new thing in the store are the seasonal fuzzy hats. Some are vintage, most are new and knitted or crocheted in a huge variety of colors. Babies, boys and girls, some men's and LOTS of women's options are all to see and be seen in.

A reminder: October is HAT MONTH at Stifel and Capra. Prizes will be given at the end of the month for the best hats that enter the store so if you are planning on coming to FIRSTFriday next month, strike a pose for our hat scrapbook and you may be the big winner!
Bob & I are taking the kids to the beach this weekend but Debby and Beth volunteered (really they did!) to shop sit so go to the Farmer's Market, buy those AWESOME crab cakes and then come visit them so won't be lonely!
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