Monday, January 31, 2011

New Venues

 The fun thing about going to events is that they expose you to venues you haven't otherwise visited.  Sandi Parker's solo show inMOTION opened to an enthusiastic crowd at Cassat's, an Arlington, VA cafe.  I have never been there before even though I heard great things about brunch and lunch offerings.  I dragged my husband and Beth & Bob Loftis over to the opening to be there the minute it opened.  Why?  We all no how nerve-wracking it is when you are waiting for folks to show up to an event so I figured we would break the ice for here.  The complication? One set of invites said 5o'clock, others said 5:30.  I being the Princess of Promptness got there at 5.  My husband was not terribly impressed with me.  I think he thought I was making the 5pm time up! I was grateful when other random patrons showed up before the "official" 5:30 opening so I didn't look like I was scamming my always tardy hubby.
One place Bob DID regret not being when the event doors opened was his office party last weekend at Cuba Libre' in Washington DC.  We left a little late, hit a little traffic, and had a little issue with parking.  The roving cocktails and passed appetizers were VERY much to my foody husband's taste and he was a wee bit sad that he didn't get more of them before they moved on to the awards part of the evening!

Lesson learned?  It's good to help a friend and valet parking is always a good (albeit decadent!) option.