Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Which came 1st? The chicken or the egg?

The chicken or egg question is one for the ages but I think the modern version is "How come the more I do the more I have to do?" Kind of like the modern classic children's book - "If you give a mouse a cookie,he is going to want some milk to go with it and then..." I start out thinking a corner of the store looks frumpy or neglected and so I start cleaning it out. And then it leads to moving the furniture, rearranging the merchandise, and ranting about how I could have I let it get to this state?

The answer, for me, at least, is that I like to start things. Not maintain them,not finish them but I LOVE the chaos of taking the plan in my mind to bringing it to fruition. I am not sure if it just a way to seek approbation or some deeply developed psychosis about not being about to leave well enough alone! Let's face it you get a lot more "oohs" and "aahs" from completely rearranging the layout of the room than you get from dusting the place from top to bottom. If my defence, I DO clean when I am rearranging so maybe, just maybe "well enough" becomes better.
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