Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I was tired yesterday. Why, because I joined the ranks of parents who were trying to book camps for their school age children during summer break. Registration started at 5am and woe to the uninformed parent who thinks that they can reserved them on their lunch hour and get the dates they need! By 5:28 two of my son's choices were over half subscribed. Eek! I came late to this party because in the past my kids attended year round schools and had shorter summer breaks (plus I worked from home). It's humbling when you become the person you used to make fun of! Kind of how childless adults feel about baby strollers in public places. I used to feel so unencumbered, yes free, until I became one of those double stroller wielding wild eyed mamas! Happily mine are a little old for strollers these days...
Time is ticking onward. So if you missed Anne Schwarz's ( above and below right) opening on FIRSTfriday in May please do stop in and take a peek at her wonderful featured exhibit right in the front of the store! Anne has such a lovely, calm, contemplative style, you feel transported when you look at her work! Anne's feature runs through the end of May.
I finally have the art & antique fair applications ready! Please email me for a copy. My next mission to to get them posted on both the website and our Facebook page, look for them there. A 10x10 booth is only $15 for our Saturday events. Will post updates and attendees as they sign up. Look for your favorites soon!
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