Tuesday, July 29, 2014

FIELD TRIP! McKay's Used Books

 As summer reaches it's zenith, I have grown tired of listening to my son cursing his computer battling not so ancient virtual, digital foes.  Yeah, yeah, I know he is interacting with his friends, and yes, yes, they are problem solving and creating brave new worlds.  But screen time makes the teenagers in my house slack jawed and belligerent. A fascinating contrast and it was time to break the spell.
 So I dragged both of my charming offspring to McKay's Books in Manassas. I love this place.  It's not fancy but it is as big as a Target store and filled with aisles after aisle of blessed books.  I picked up a stack of creativity and art books (plus 3 PD James mystery hardbacks for 3 bucks apiece). I gave them $30 apiece to spend and they both walked out with a stack of books 2 feet tall.

And when we got home? My son headed straight to the hammock with his paper treasures, disregarding the siren call of the screen.  Makes me happy.