Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Things need to be tended.  Friendships, homes, children, marriages.  My husband & I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary and my best-sister-in-the-whole-world offered to take the kids so that we could tend to our relationship.  It's reassuring that the things that can really dork up a trip, rain, horrific traffic et al, seemed immaterial as we cruised down the road catching up with each other.  Terribly pleasant really knowing you are heading toward relaxation and not homework or in-law issues!
The weather broke Saturday night, just in time for us to mow the SHIN high grass before the sun went down.  OOOohhh, how romantic.

But indeed, a reminder that everything regular tending.  Lawns and marriages alike.  Love you honey!

Enjoy the last flower of summer.Posted by Picasa