Saturday, July 7, 2007

FIRSTFriday in Falls Church

Our Grand Opening FIRSTFriday was a big hit! Thanks to everyone who came out to welcome us to the local art community. All of our artists were well represented with an wide assortment of framed or matted art pieces along side colorful note cards. We had loads of sparkling water, wine and tasty treats to eat while we listed to a Beth & Bob chosen mix of GREAT 40's music. Everyone commented on the eclectic mix of art and artifacts. Purchases last night included everything from a mid century Remington typewriter to a crazy elephant cookie jar. Lots of little girls visited with their families so bunches of shiny jewelry and glorious pink things went out the door as well as tummies full of cookies from Natalia's Elegant Creations.

Natalia is getting ready to open a pastry shop and tea room right down the street in Falls Church. I heard about her business Memorail Day weekend and shamelessly asked her to stop in some day with a sample so we could network together. Right in the middle of the Artist's Reception Natalia popped in with a pound of delectable cookies. My photo adverse friend Laurie did a lovely job promoting them through the crowd. If the cookies she brought by last night are any indication Natalia's shop will be a huge hit! is her web site so you can take a peek at the goodies she makes.

Falls Church Arts was well represented by Dan and Shaun. My head was puffed up with all the compliments and good wishes; thanks guys!
Speaking of thanks- Thanks Ellen for giving up your stereo when mine expoded. Thanks AmBob for hauling all of the goodies in and popping the champagne corks in true diplomatic fashion. Thanks MyBob for making a zillion cookies. Thanks to Ashleigh, Sheila, Debby and Beth for making such yummy treats. Thank you Laurie for doing, uh, everything!

If you couldn't make it by last night, please stop by when it fits into your schedule. We can't wait to see you!

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Friday, July 6, 2007


Finished "Nola" yesterday. It's great to have a sunny spot to work in! Nola is about sitting about eighteen inches tall and is fashioned from new and vintage materials. Her body is new poplin cotton and her hair is modern "eyelash" yarn. All the rest of Nola and her ensemble are reclaimed or vintage items. Her face is hand embroidered. Her clothes are a vintage silk blouse, antique trims, found ribbons, and reclaimed sewing bag. A vintage doily forms her fairy wings. Nola's bodice is decorated with a handmade ceramic pin and she is holding a wooden flower. We're busy getting ready for our Grand Opening artist reception this evening from 5-8pm. I've received 2 lovely bouquets that look a LOT like Beth's paintings. In fact the bouquet from the Churchill's looks like the painting Beth just had accepted into the Art League's monthly show! Beth's acceptance on her first submittal just reinforces our high opinion of her talent!
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Monday, July 2, 2007

Opening Day

It took 4 people in 2 time zones but I finally got my credit card "swiper" delivered to the shop not twenty minutes before someone wanted to buy something with a card. Whew, talk about cutting it close!
Day 1 in the store was a lot of fun. We got the coffee brewed and welcomed lots of well-wishers and three sets of Mom & Daughter shoppers! Time just flew and before you knew it "Opening Day" came to a close.
Even though we got lots of compliments there is still a lot to do. All of the artists are busy putting their portfolios together so clients can review more than what is just hanging on the walls of the shop. Debby found a lovely new place to do giclee' art prints so that will provide a more economical alternative for those folks who want one. (Or an option for when the original has been sold you you were not the one that bought it!)
Thank you to all of the people who stopped in today! It was great to see you!