Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

From our house to yours - Happy New Year!
Praying 2016 brings you health that causes you to thrive, 
contentment that brings you joy, 
friends that make you laugh until you cry, 
gratitude that stops your heart and 
prosperity that enables you to share it all. 

Back in my corporate days I always had off work between Christmas and New Year's.  I used that time to travel, host a HUGE open house and think, think, think.  Recharge my batteries and set up my goals for the New Year.  Not so much resolutions but goals.

The past few years of being a self employed retailer my goals have been mostly reduced to "survive and thrive" and "do more everyday" but I found myself governed by, to quote Steven Covey, "the tyranny of the urgent".  My thoughts for this year involve being more purposeful with the goal of if the activity doesn't serve my greater goal of being an Awesome Parent, Better Than Average Spouse, Gleeful Artist, Engaged Family Member, Supportive Friend or Evolving Human Being to just let it go.

Pretty broad net don't you think?

To that end, I actually

wrote these words just now
marked my kids' school breaks on the calender
confirmed a lunch date
ate lunch without looking at a screen.