Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This Week's challenge: Found Objects, Part 1

This month's Alexandria Art League Challenge involves creating art out of found objects.  My personal chaellenge was not to buy ANYthing to put the pieces together; to work completely out of my studio.  I am working on two projects, one small, one large.  The first project is this unnamed doll.  I think she looks snappier in person than on camera, but she was fun to configure.  The second piece is the largest canvas I have worked so far a 2 by 4 foot canvas that has parts that look like they were unearthed from storage spaces.  I have titled the collage "Alma's Attic" in honor of a client estate sale buy.  Part of the goodies really are from Alma's house!  The rest uh, ALL from my studio, including the rusty square head nails.  I really will pick up anything...
Have tons of new things in the shop this week.  Lots of cute easter bunnies, pretty spring floral corsages, and lovely light apparell.  The sun is shining and we are all SO ready for spring.  It was quite exciting to go have coffee today & sit outside!  Enjoy-
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