Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A matter of expectation.

Here's my son helping me take pictures of my latest collage so I can make cards and get the image up on line.  Dawns on me that the quote "Life is largely a matter of expectation" certainly applied to this last weekend.  Just like fields should lay fallow to heald a productive growing season, we have fallow periods also.  Although I must confess sometimes mine are more inertia and paraysis than rest.  My husband Bob is entering a new productive phase.  With the help of good friends power training cycling coach BJ Basham http://www.powertrainingcoach.com/  & Andy Clarke http://www.bikeleague.org/ Bob shopped for , test rode and purchased a new 3 wheel bike that he can actually ride with his prosthetic leg!
As you can imagine, the bike is a little more forgiving from a balance standpoint from a traditional cycle but Bob will have to learn how to best use his existing muscles to get the show on the proverbial road.  Bob used to enjoy driving to Mount Vernon and back so Sunday's 3 mile round trip ride to the Falls Church Scout House and back might seem less than profound but it was a triumph!  To be able to go up and down steep hills navigate road crossings and sidewalks with relative ease was really exciting for everyone who knows Bob.
Happy trails guys!Posted by Picasa