Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New Orleans Revisited - Flashback to September 20th, Friday - day1

Have I mentioned I have the best sister in the world?  More evidence?  She took us to the airport for a flight at National Airport when she lives in the opposite direction in Fairfax.  My husband Bob & I were heading to New Orleans for a 2nd honeymoon.  Seemed unreal to be actually away from work and my kids for a week.
 After an blessedly uneventful week, we cabbed into town.  Our taxi driver only looked like President Obama from the back seat I swear.  My parents kindly swapped a week at their National Time Share and gave us a week on them as a anniversary gift.  How exciting.
 Blue Green Pension was not huge, but very nicely appointed with a mini kitchen, Luxurious linens and local art.
 This piece invited us to take a bite of the city.
 The swanky chandeliers, friendly and helpful staff and charming rooftop terrace were not as well appointed however, as our first stop.
 Bourbon House on (where else?) Bourbon Street.  Bob had himself a bourbon, we scarfed down a couple dozen oysters and then walked around the city.
 Enjoying the street performers, musicians and various pre wedding parties roaming past us.
 This guy was perched on the point of a trash can like a statue!
 Did I mention it was relaxing?
 Had a nice long walk.  Marveling at the alleys leading to gardens , the spooky shop windows and the fantastical architecture.
 I was reminded that New Orleans is one of the few non-homogenized cities seemingly left in this country.
 Not a Target or Chipoltle in sight!
 Bob DID however find a new place to sell his BBQ spice too!
Back to reality.  Today's chores: email, laundry. trying to clear a horizontal space in my studio so I can make SOME thing!