Friday, November 30, 2007

A wise man I know gently pokes fun at the prevalent disease/brag/badge of honor that most of us carry these days. "How are you?" "Crazed", "Busy", "Slammed", "Run Ragged" are some of the responses to the question. My main mission as a parent is to not get caught up in all of that. Running from event to event, never actually experiencing the moment. I am sure that you are thinking "Yippee, profundities from Theresa about how she makes her candy canes from scratch". Well, uh, no what I am thinking is heavens to Murgatroyd it's NINE days past Thanksgiving, the house is trashed, we don't have any decorations out OR up, the calendar is crammed with events (yay!) and I feel completely bemused what I have actually done with myself for the last month.... I was explaining to the kids that Advent seems soooo long when you are 8 because when you have lived less than 100 months , one month is a long time but once you hit 550 plus months, December seems to fly by in a blink!

The best thing I have been doing is making Christmas gifts for other people! (think maybe I should get started on my own shopping?) I just finished this pillow and when Anna came to pick it up this morning she actually clapped! Now that's the kind of reaction I like to see. I love to do special family pieces-
Please remember that the shop is open from 9:30 to 5:30 this Saturday and from 10 to 2 during the week. Stop in for a cup of coffee to warm your bones after you hit the Farmer's Market.
ALSO: Mark your calendars! FIRSTFriday, December 7th , Artist's Open House, with wine, munchies, a gift basket raffle, all of those cheery souls with Santa Hats will win a free prize. So come play!Posted by Picasa