Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A look back...

 I finally stopped moving long enough to download all of the photos from my camera since my last post (yikes, in NOVEMBER) and what did I see? If I don't stop and take pictures I have none. The curse of being the "good" photographer in the family means I am IN none of them either.  I suppose the key is rremembering that I love taking photos (and to bring the camera too,of course).  

Of course my busy-ness pales in comparison to lives lost nationally this year to events both natural and unnatural.  I don't know about your house but it put quite the pall on my season as I think of all those who lost so much this past year. I feel my blessings every day.

There are some good shots in there AND stories to go with them so I will have to post some "blast from the recent past" posts if only to catch up with myself.  We had a family sit down last night where I "made" my husband and children tell me all of their crazy goals and things they wanted to do and have before the end of 2013.  They thought mine was fairly lame as it included keeping the house clean.  But I find that when my space is clear, so is my thinking. 
 I love the New Year with it's clean slate and it's shiny new to-do goal list.