Friday, February 1, 2008

"I thought when you opened your place there would be LESS stuff in the house..."

"Less stuff? Are you kidding?" Actually I kind of thought that there would be less stuff as well. But um, hasn't really happened that way. I find the best thing is if I go treasure hunting (estate sale, whatever) and head straight to the shop. But seeing how I am super mutil-taking mama I tend to shop on family voyages and things tend to get tangled up in each other as we try to shove everything into the back of the explorer! This first shot is our dining room being used as a staging area without me taking into consideration that I needed to serve birthday cake to eight people. oops.

Marina and Monica came into the store and I was shamed into actually sewing some new items out my mountainous pile of goodies back in my studio for when they come back this weekend. (You are coming back aren't you? I hope. Please.) Must say, had a lovely time designing and putting things together. If you don't count the 14 times I yelled through the heater vent to tell my kids to stop bickering with each other. Note to self: next time turn the radio up or close the vent.

These valentine pillows are actually NOT what I was working on this week, I made these up almost a year ago in January of '07 and found them when I went back into my studio 2 months later for the first time after Bob's illness. Hard to believe but it will be a year on Tuesday since my husband had to have his leg amputated after being in septic shock from strep throat and having fasciitis attack his leg. As you can imagine it has been a rough week emotionally around the Stifel household as we mentally relive the whole experience. I keep telling Bb I am still in the profoundly-grateful-he-is-still-walking-the-earth phase. Albeit he is walking on a blown hip and an artificial leg! He still looks good to me!

As Valentine's Day approaches may you appreciate love and beauty in whatever it's form. If you are feeling brave, venture out tonight for FIRSTFriday celebrations in Falls Church. Refreshments and fun here from 5 to8pm ! Tomorrow is my "long" day as it is the first Saturday of the month so the shop is open 10 to 5 on Saturday.

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