Friday, April 22, 2016

No Lifeguard On Duty = Freedom and Responsibility

This sign kind of sums up how I feel about things at the moment.  "No Lifeguard on Duty" means you can run amok but there is also no one to save you if you are drowning either...  Hmmm. One has to be MORE diligent, not less, in the quiet.
Had an abundance of fun in the last week and a half.  The Spring Kick-off at the Old Screen Door in Lewes went REALLY well!  We had yummy good food- oodles of people came out and there was a lot of really cool vintage and artisan things that went out the door making the vendors AND owner Tony VERY happy!
I came home and started working on my multiple priorities.  God BLESS my client that gave me a week off from painting her kitchen so I could work on my other to- do's.  So this week I have been having a blast creating wonderful, romantic tops from vintage mid century lace pieces and more dramatic pieces with silk scarves for the foundations.  It is quite delightful to work for a couple hours at a stretch without being interrupted.
But when I DO raise my head I cringe at what is waiting for me.  ARGH! The lovely romantic muse flees while the practical one stares down the mountains of STUFF that awaits.  I have accepted the fact that some of this stuff has got to go but I need to sort it all through and figure our what needs to go where.  I have pledged to NOT get a storage unit.  I have heard too many tales of folks paying fees for YEARS without even knowing what is behind the door.  So, I, the Queen of Self Imposed Deadlines, have given myself until the end of April to get this plan in place. How exactly I am going to physically do this is beyond me right now.  I have multiple plans.  Plan A of leaving the unit unlocked and praying someone would make off with it in the night did NOT work. On to Plan B.
Sometimes being a creative person and being able to see multiple options gets in your way.  I can come up with so many plots and plans that I feel like I am standing at a 7 way intersection with cars flying by me in all directions. One false step and I am going to get flattened. A good portion of this is ego, of course.  My beloved husband suggested we have a storage unit yard sale but I am SO beyond the concept of laying it all out there yet again.  And the conundrum is I do/will need a lot of the stuff.  Those 4 boxes of shopping bags? Will need them when I do the Big Flea in July.  Foolish to get rid of them. They are expensive. And those baskets? Totally use them when I do charity give aways.  Why donate them if I am just going to have to buy them back? On the other hand, I don't want my house to look like a storage unit.  Gotta keep working on this one, obviously. But other things are more important.

I had the pleasure of cutting wonderful flowers out of my yard and taking them over to my lovely friend Anna and seeing her new baby. Drinking in that little guy smell while wondering how my friend manages to look so good was a pleasant way to spend a lunch hour.  My guys don't smell QUITE as yummy as Baby Andrew but they are just as much fun to spend time with.  Not working until 6:30 every day now means when Bob got a notion to take me to our neighbor's restaurant for dinner we could just go.  Aaaah freedom. Of course I was responsible to and went back home and back to work.  I guess I am the LifeGuard of my own life!