Tuesday, May 6, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things....

I love old lables! They really add to the history AND the mystery of vintage clothes. Washington DC is not exactly considered the fashion capital of the world but its ladies HAVE dressed well for quite a while! I adore vintage hats. Some are frivolous, some are excuses for headware but all have a story that generally the modern admirer will never know.

I made the mistake of counting my hats one day this winter. The number is in the 200+ range. I am not incriminating myself as Bob was present when I was counting the last time! Some are gifts that I will never part with. My friend and fellow artist Valarie was down sizing her home last year and gifted me with lovely cocktail bonnets that her mother made. The cocktail hats especially have so much style. I wish more people wore hats these days. I have some hope as a lot of my daughter's friends wear hats although I will say the their collection of hats with anime animal ears isn't exactly what I had in mind when I am thinking fashion ensemble!

We had a great weekend at the shop. Hilary Barbour had a successful trunk show. I got to introduce a lot of new clients to her unique style. The worse thing that you could say about the weekend is that I wasn't in it much as we open extra hours on Saturday and Sunday.

Hubby Bob took his best bud Jaimey and their sons to the Nats game on Sunday. What a GLORIOUS day for a game. Cotton candy was consumed by the boys, cold libations by the men and the Nats won! Bob was full of tales of woe getting to and from the stadium. HE had to use his wheel chairs because he isn't up to long distance walking yet. Subway cars that weren't even with platforms, out of order elevators, and towering escalators were some of the hurdles the gang had to wheel, over, up and through to get to the game. If one WAS wheel chair bound you would have missed half the game trying to detour by accesible station or bus I suppose. Makes you understand why some people shell out THIRTY-FIVE dollars for a one day handicapped parking pass. eek! Regardless the boys took it all as high adventure and a good time was had by all! The genral concensus is that the park is beautiful on the inside and the fans are the best!

Today was a semi-productive day. My beloved sister and webmaster Robin came over to educate me on the rudimentaries of file copying and left her with four HUGE bags of items to post on the web site. That will teach her to tell me she doesn't have enough to do!

Look for those beautiful vintage items soon. And look for the newest organic lavender sachet collection by this weekend. I took a sample book and cut, stitched, clipped and turned the individual items today. I get my lavender from a family farm from my home state of Washington. It is pure and aromatic. The oild last in the sachet the better part of a year. Yum!
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