Friday, November 9, 2007

Ting & Pixie Design - Jennifer Hill

Found my camera cable, finally. As you can see we have done some jusicious rearranging to make room for all of the Christmas goodies! I have put up four Christmas trees loaded with ornaments. Starting today we will do a week day "artist of the day" profile so you can get a real feel for what is in the shop right now.

Today's ARTIST: Jennifer Hill of Ting and Pixie Design (see mannequin-left). Jennifer works at a DC consulting firm by day and wanted jewelry that showed she had a heartbeat under her navy blue suit! One thing led to another and she now crafts beautiful silver jewery that works as well with casual clothes as the aforementioned suit. Jennifer has quite the eye for combining different stones, shapes and types of metal to make an unique first impression. Her jewelry line is on display right by the front bay window. Check it out!

We are still taking orders for custom items: portraits, cookie jars, pillows and more. Please place your orders by December first for Christmas delivery.

Please be nice to my lovely and talented sister ROBIN as she minds the shop tomorrow from 9:30 to 12:30. Stop by we'd love to see you!

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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Technical Difficulties...

Well, I'm 90% recovered from my dental surgery. It only hurts when I laugh so THAT's a bit of an issue for me...

We've been busy at the shop. The green room has been designated as "Christmas Central". Tons of vintage and handmade ornaments and Christmas goodies to check out. I am sure you are wondering why no shots of these glorious items. Well, uh, I finally brought in my camera case and discovered the connecting cable is back at the house. Can't exactly send them through the air. (yeah, yeah I know there are those of you that probably CAN wirelessly transfer photos but I am barely in the twentiest century, let alone the twenty first!).

Bob & I are headed to a wedding in Pennsylvania this weekend so my lovely and talented sister Robin is minding the store on Saturday. She will be here from 9:30 to 12:30 with hot coffee to share and treasures to discover! Come by and keep her company-
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