Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The sky's the limit!

One of my lovely teacher friends comissioned me last year to turn her annual six grade tshirt into something more useful (as she is not a tshirt wearing kind a gal) and I started to iron it and melted the decal, and ruined my iron. THIS year I am happy to report the 2008 version of said Tshirt is now successfully a lined totebag that is reversible to a pop art abstract (for when she doesn't want to admit she IS a teacher, I suppose...). Luckily my custom project sewing disasters are few, if you don't count the paint that got "put away" by an unnamed member of my household that leaked into a bag of finished projects waiting to be delivered. Note to self: if you had delivered them as soon as you were done this would NOT have happened. Luckily they are reproducable.

Not that I would have been reproducing ANYTHING on my printer. It died. When I have orders due. Past due now (see above). I determined through exhaustive research, that... oh I didn't actually DO the research I was just exhausted listening to the research that my lovely, analytical beyond my wildest dreams, husband did. I am more than a bit braindead from exhaustion these days anyway so when my brother-in-law offered to come over and buy and install the printer for me I was thrilled to take him up on his offer! Turns out that all the models highly recommended in "Consumer Reports" magazine are not actually carried in most major stores in the Washington DC metropolitan area. So Glenn and I soldiered off to the nearest big box retailer where I did exhaustive (there is that word again!) copy tests with an 1887 postcard of Thanksgiving turkeys (don't ask!). Picked a winner, wouldn't you know , it was out of stock. ugh.

Luckily Glenn has more perserverance than me at this point in the evening and shepherded me toward another batch of machines. One of these machines was an all-in-one that we saw boxed up in "printer row" without a model. Turns out that it was featured in the front of the store on an endcap. Of course I am thinking hhmmmm, could of just walked in a bought it but no, no I didn't dare let my thoughts go that way! The happy ending of the story is that I liked that machine, Glenn snagged the last one on the shelf (so if you are looking for an HPJ6480, don't) and I even got an instant $50 rebate because we turned in my old printer for recycling rather than take it up to my parent's house for target practice! Glenn got it set up like the tech guru he is, and say and drank a glass a wine and watched him, handing him wires occasionally. Now THAT is what I call teamwork! Thanks Glenn.
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Monday, April 7, 2008

It's good to be 12, part 2

And 12 year old's receive some great gifts! Here are my some of my daughter's newest birthday treasures!

Bob Update: Well, apparently he did too much over the weekend and the therapist told Bob to "give it a rest" for the next 48 hours. We aren't sure whether he twisted his knee slipping or the fact that he has cut his painkillers in half are contributing to Bob's knee pain. Of course, right after Bill said to take it easy Bob asked if they could practice stairclimbing. This is what I am living with! No wonder folks are saying I am looking tired....
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It's good to be 12!

We had a fun birthday party at the shop over the weekend. The birthday girl turned twelve and invited her friends in for snacks and creativity. We took vintage jewelry apart and repurposed it into funky necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Here are some examples of the items they put together.

I am about caked out between first Friday and birthday Sunday. You know when your guests have gone through a full sheet cake that you have probably had too much icing in a 48 hour period!

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