Sunday, April 21, 2019

Hopping Down the Bunny Trail

Bunny shortcakes
 Holidays tend to bring out the food memories and traditions with people.  One of our now favorite Easter desserts - Strawberry Bunny Shortcakes started somewhat whimsically.  Back in the olden days (early 90's) there was a gourmet chocolate shop in Tysons Corner called Ethel M's.  It was named for Mr. Mars' Mom. Yes, Mars of Mars Chocolate Co. Ethel M's made beautiful, flavorful gourmet confections and they were a Stifel family special occasion treat.

At Easter one year they sold handsome cookie cutters filled to the brim with chocolate. The cutters were supposed to be a decoration I think but they were adorable functional cutters and I use the cutter the following year to make our shortcakes a little more festive. And that is how they have been made, of course, ever since!

Do you have any quirky holiday dessert traditions?  Do tell!
Bunny shortcakes moved to the coast last year!
PS Happily we have two cutters so someday the kids will each have one when they set up housekeeping and start cooking Easter dinner!

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