Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tuesday with Bob

Amazing how one can feel like one have accomplished absolutely nothing, yet have a day speed by. I guess that is better than it crawling by. I have done nothing today but take care of my hubby, do eight loads of laundry , tidy my studio, make nine phone calls, sort paperwork and well, wait a minute no wonder I am tired and it is only 5:oo. I am waiting for a neighbor to stop in so I have an excuse to sit on the porch! Because it is finally warm enough to. Hooray. That's where Bob is now, reading the mail and enjoying the overwhelming smell of hyacinths and bird song. Cabin fever DOES begin to set in after a time so I am glad he can get out.

These 2 pieces to the left are examples of things undone and things never to be done. The house collage was to be submitted to a quilting magazine's paper quilt challenge. I made two , was most pleased with this one, finished it to the binding and then proceeded to neglect to send in a photo by the deadline to submit it. argh. The second piece is a prelimnary sketch that I was going to do for a family Easter card as we never quite got around to sending Christmas cards this year.
I like the layout well enough so I started adding color and completely ruined it. Good thing I took the photo so I can at least remember the sentiments I was harboring during Lent! All good quotes; all still true. I can tell you that with all we have been through in the past year and a half I know I have reliable friends. I hope you do as well.

Bob update: Bob is walking about 50 steps at a time using his walker and can get in and out of bed with very little help at this point. He still has fairly severe pain in his upper leg. His therapist today told him that he thought he was overdoing it with his exercises. Bob, over do, ya think? And advised more walking, less exercises so more laps today than he is probably happy about. He's a trooper though and muscles through them valiently! Thanks to aforementioned good friends I "get" to go to the shop tomorrow through Saturday; normal hours. Yippee!. Thanks friends.
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