Friday, April 9, 2010

"Found" at The Art League, Torpedo Factory

Actually Beth kept saying "Of course, you'll get in, it's what you do" I actually did!  Get into this month's Art League show "Found" - art featuring found objects.  Actually I got TWO pieces in (see March 17th post for part of the other entry

But, ahem, one is not ALLOWED to have two pieces in so I spoke to the director and picked the wall piece as it is larger (2x4 feet) and more graphic.  The bummer is that had I juried in for the "found" show AND the all members show I would have been qualified to show in the Bin Gallery next year.  For that privelege you have to juriy into three shows throughout the course of the year.   As I am on a mini-roll you might think I was home free but the League's fiscal year ends in June.  Now there is an incentive to actually submit every month!  Stay tuned!  Posted by Picasa

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