Monday, July 2, 2007

Opening Day

It took 4 people in 2 time zones but I finally got my credit card "swiper" delivered to the shop not twenty minutes before someone wanted to buy something with a card. Whew, talk about cutting it close!
Day 1 in the store was a lot of fun. We got the coffee brewed and welcomed lots of well-wishers and three sets of Mom & Daughter shoppers! Time just flew and before you knew it "Opening Day" came to a close.
Even though we got lots of compliments there is still a lot to do. All of the artists are busy putting their portfolios together so clients can review more than what is just hanging on the walls of the shop. Debby found a lovely new place to do giclee' art prints so that will provide a more economical alternative for those folks who want one. (Or an option for when the original has been sold you you were not the one that bought it!)
Thank you to all of the people who stopped in today! It was great to see you!

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