Saturday, August 4, 2007

FIRSTFriday in Falls Church: August edition!

We had another festive FIRSTFriday celebration last night! The code orange 90 degree plus day didn't wilt the spirits of the hardy shoppers (or maybe they knew we had cold libations and "kickin'" air conditioning!). We had a lively crowd including a slew of very well behaved kids (thanks parents for teaching them gallery manners!) I am introducing two new artists to the shop this month. Valerie Makepeace, black and white photographer and Ellen Zilin, ceramicist both now have a variety of pieces here. I will profile their work later this week.

Thanks to Beth's melodious tones this am the shop got a LOT of traffic from the Falls Church Farmer's Market. Of course the smell of croissant and fresh peaches made me want to lock up and go across the street, but I stayed put like a good shopgirl.
The feedback from our new customers has been overwhelmingly positive. It's quite encouraging to Ashleigh, the artists and me. I know I like the merchandise and art in the store but it is good to hear that others do too!
The shop is open from 10-2 during the week next week. Stop in if you get a chance!

On a funny "bob note", Bob had an hysterical time this week in PT when his therapist ran him on and off the escalators to prove to him he wasn't QUITE ready to do it without her. Apparently it was a bit of a hair raising experience, luckily Bob had a sense of humor about the whole thing. Bob is putting some miles on his cane. He is pretty much making it through the work day without crutches, justthe cane. His strength of body AND will never ceases to amaze me.....
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