Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas Library

The tricky thing about being a collector is not knowing when to stop! Case in point our Christmas Book collection. It has overflowed the alloted shelf in the family room. So I decided to make a Christmas Library in the dining room! It's been enjoyable. The kids will take their after school snacks and hang out with the books and read. Of course the standard after schhol snack of cheese and fruit doesn't quite compare to sugarplums dancing in your heads so I have received many more than normal requests for cookies. But heck it's the holidays!
Speaking of sweets George went to a fun party this last weekend. His friend Luca's brave parents had a gingerbread decoarting party for 10 kids! The kids did a great job with the candies and frosting to make quite lovely centerpieces to bring home. Although I must say George's looks more like the "before" picture for a home renovation at this point. I think he has picked off all of the trim!
Ashleigh and I have swapped all hours all around this week; the kids and spouses are taking turns being ill. Ugh. We seemed to have escaped so far. Must be those Mommy vitamins we take!
The shop is open 10 to 2 during the week and 9:30 to 5:30 on Saturday. We are announcing the winner of our Christmas themed gift basket raffle on Monday, so stay tuned for the winner's name!

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