Wednesday, April 30, 2008

3 days, 3 doctor appts. All Good!

Bob & I went to the orthopaedic surgeon on Monday to get his 6 week evaluation following his hip replacement surgery. Those doctors are pretty clever. Bob really turned a corner 48 hours before the appointment. A few days earlier and the doc would have heard a lot more whining than he did on Monday! The news was all good. Bob is cleared to exercise, drive, frolic, pretty much anything his artificial leg will let him do.

Bob went to visit his prosthetist (artificial leg creator, mechanic and counselor) on Tuesday and Charlie gave him a thumb's up for proceeding with the building of his new C-Leg . The "c' in C-Leg actually stands for "Canada" (where it was invented) NOT "Computer" which is what most people think! It is fascinating. Bob will strap a bracelet transmitter on his right leg and it will transmit information to a microprocessor in his prosthetic knee and will actually mirror Bob's gait and the slant of his step! This will enable him to walk for safely on stairs, slopes, just about everywhere! Needless to say, Bob is VERY excited to be moving in a forward motion again. 2 Round of physical therapy to go. One pre-leg to build up strength and one post leg to learn to walk on his new leg. Again.

You know your child has a little to much time on her hands when she can carve her vegetables into food purveyors before she eats them... I guess I should be impressed that she eats veggies. I know other parents are impressed when my son tells them he can't choose between asparagas and Brussels sprouts for supper.

Oh, and doctor appointment number 3? I went to the dentist yesterday and for once in my orally begotten life, everything was fine!
I did LOTS of treasure hunting over the past 2 days. Stop by and see what is new!
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