Friday, June 27, 2008

Birthday Bash Countdown Begins!

I seem to have one item "to do" per every quarter hour between now and nine am Saturday when our anniversary sale begins. The least of which is figuring out how to erect the massive tent that my friend the awesome Miro is lending us to house merchandise and the birthday cake! My heroic parents are driving from West Virginia to help with set -up, my father is a rare man that actually reads instructions so I am sure we will be fine. I hope.

I woke up to lots of "good press" this morning. We are featured in various columns in our local must-read the "Falls Church News-Press" and we got a great write-up in the FRISTFriday of Falls Church's Weekly Canvas. It's nice that the community is taking notice of us! It is very exciting.

But hopefully not half as exciting as the sale is going to be. DO stop in, if you can. Everything marked with my vendor code is 20% off or more. Lots of my folks are bringing their entire lines to exhibit in the outside Birthday Bash. And the Walnut Hills Artists have brought a lot of fresh art to show. Come have a piece of birthday cake and join the fun!

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