Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Monday!

Had a fun thing happen last week. I was showing a Bat Mitvah pillow I had made to one of my artisans and she said "darn, wish I could get one of those for my nephew" and I surprised her by actually getting it done within 48 hours. The pillow has "a" for adam on one side and his Bar Mitvah invitation on the other side. Mazel Tov Adam!

Took off on Saturday from the shop a bit early (THANKS PHIL!) to take some mental health time with the family on the Eastern Shore. We had a nice relaxing time with the kids discovered a new place to eat oysters (Dockside at The Jetty in Kent Island) and bought a windfall of vintage bling-y earrings from a antiques dealer's overstock that will be perfect for the holidays! Come see them this week and don't forget First Friday's Novemeber celebration is this week from 5 to 8pm.

I think Bob & George are not going to be able to ride the mower together for much longer, agree? But they DO look like they are having fun. After watching the steering lessons I don't think George will be on his own anytime soon!

Here is a not overly handsome shot of my lovely feline pumpkin! Hope you had a great Halloween!

Get out and vote on Tuesday; every vote counts!

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