Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Signs of Spring!

The daffodils are out! Along with the crocuses, hooray! The hyacinths are next. I don't have THAT many in my yard, but the ones I have do smell divine. It's a good thing I didn't have to plant these, otherwise it would look a little bare out there like it does at the new shop. I am still in painting mode, ugh. Maybe I SHOULD have hired it out. I am getting a teeny bit tired of cutting in I MUST say.

We had a super week last week. Lots of people poking their heads in commenting on the changes. Scoping out all of the new merchandise... Of course I had to change my spiel "All of the art on the walls is by local artists" to "all of the art on the FLOOR is by local artists". *sigh* I have everything up BUT the art. Eeek! But it will all get done. Eventually. I was happy to see some old friend faces come in this weekend is well. My biggest fear is that my existing clients won't make the big 2 block trek down to see me on Farmer's Market Day. But so far so good.

Another big sign of spring is the deafening roar of my neighbor's antique roto-tiller. Yup, Saturday was "till the garden" day. Full of promise, eh? And mighty fine organic veggies to come!Posted by Picasa

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