Thursday, July 23, 2009

When is white not white?

When is white NOT white? When the "white" house that is your place of business is 30 year old aluminum siding that is faded grey and pitted with road grime so when it came time (long overdue!) to paint the trim I asked my trusty contractor Harry if there was any reason why we had to paint the trim white because it would just make the house look dingier. "what the heck?!" was his response and here is the result! Looks a little seaside gingerbread-ish but hey, I think it looks creative, what do you think?
Just a reminder Falls Church Arts is still hosting ArtSlam at their new gallery ArtSpace at 410 Maple Street through the end of August. Here are the two pieces I have hanging at the space but you have to go see the entire show. I have sent two customers over to the show and they both reported back that they purchased pieces! I am a more than a little proud of myself, feeling like the referral queen! Yay!

The other hot news about the new space is that there is a 2 for 1 matching grant going on until the end of July for fundraising efforts for the ARTSpace. The big push right now is for chairs, yes, chairs. For $35 you can provide a literal seat for any of the upcoming performances! Visit and click on "1001 nights" for all of the fun fundraising details.

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