Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lots of new goodies in at Stifel & Capra!

I really had visions of the summer of taking time to do strategic planning (even bought the Idiot's Guide to...), take the kids to the pool and stockpile art & crafted items for the 4th quarter. All I have to say is HA! And isn't that spectacular?

I have to figure out how to tell the farmer's market folks how to find us. Maybe I can sweet talk Beth into passing out cards at the Farmer's Market like she did when we first opened. I must say though I am thrilled with our sales through the summer. DC has a reputation as a ghost town so we have all been pleasantly surprised. I sold three paintings this week, Hooray!

I am also plotting and planning on how, when & why to expand our hours. I went to the office today to drop off new merchandise before I head to the beach to see the visiting passel o' in-laws and three sets of people banged on the door. I know we ought to be open on Sunday to catch all the walking traffic but the concept of a 7 day a week schedule seems to be a recipe for a nervous breakdown! I keep reminding myself how far we have come in two years. I really have to pinch myself.

Any opinions on hours in general? I know 10 to 5 works for people with flexible schedules. What would work for you? Tell me-

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