Friday, February 5, 2010

Oh the weather outside is frightful....

It's been snowing since 11 and I can still see the roof of my Explorer so I am feeling confident I can get home from the store when we close at 4. Gotta tell you though, I am having a blast here. I am thoroughly enjoying all of the ladies who are preemptively conducting retail therapy to forestall the upcoming cabin fever! As you can from the stalwart customers modeling "new" Stifel & Capra fashions the storm door that Bob & Phil have installed is working so well that Lucy can show off her painted toenails!

I am bumming we will not be hosting FIRSTfriday this evening but will rely upon you to come out in force next month! Tell me if you think we should do a rain check in February...
Here is the companion piece I made for Vera. This collage uses a lot of the same elements. It is not quite finished. I need to decide how to treat the loose gold thread that is hanging from the bingo card. Beading perhaps?
The plan now is that we will be closed on Saturday and ride out the storm at home and then battle our way in, shovel out and then open for business on Sunday by noon. Will keep you updated!
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