Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A rose by any other name

Almost twenty years ago my now husband Bob told me he'd never buy me "I'm sorry" flowers.  And it's true, he never has.  I usually get them on my birthday or our anniversary.  And random Thursdays.  These have held up well don't you think?  These roses are much better looking in person as this is one of those unedited camera phone shots.  And honestly they are more like "Boy , are YOU Sorry" flowers as I have been SUCH a grump lately.  It is not even the end of January and I already feel thwarted by Father Time vs. my "list of Big Things to Accomplish". 

Maybe it is because we have add some snow/ice storms and in DC that causes absolute pandemonium with less than 2 inches of precipitation. (Schools closed, grocery stores bare.) So my schedule gets knocked all a kilter. 

Maybe at almost 50 I should realized that a schedule is only an OUTLINE of what I want to get done when, so I shouldn't be shocked, SHOCKED, when things don't go according to plan.  How is it though that I seem to get every one's "things" done but not my own?  So, of course, most other folks think I am a model of efficiency.   Except for I am thinking the aforementioned darling husband, who tends to get lumped into the "my" category and of course gets slighted also.

Am thinking I need to do something about that.  Perhaps a date night is in order...

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