Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Respite & Review

 I have to admit I was a little envious hearing about friend's vacations where there are zip lining through the rain forests and scaling large mountain peaks.  On the other hand I have a fine appreciation for things that are the same, year in and out.  Like my husband building sandcastles!
Or Bob saying "There's my boat!" every time we see an especially cool one.
This one was on the bay at Lewes Beach , Delaware. So Vintage looking!  I am not educated enough to know whether it is old or not but it looks like something out of a Cary Grant movie doesn't it?
Except for some recreational picking I took a complete break from work.  It worked I feel so refreshed and really ready to jump back into the day to day.  OK, so I did make a thousand mental lists of "cool things I can work on when I return".
This week has been great so far.  Got back to working out again and have actually been in my studio 2 days in a row! Results on that VERY soon.
The clouds on the way home reminded my kiddies that it is almost back to school time.
(Who are they kidding? They can't really wait to see their friends, or and learn something.)

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