Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

A Happy Thanksgiving Eve to you all! I am sitting here counting my blessings. An intact family, a new business and a sunny day. It's a wonderful life! That said my beloved husband's appointment with the hip specialist wasn't exactly what he was looking for. The 2 associates took one look at his MRI and said "Dude you need a hip replacement asap!" Ok, maybe that is not a direct quote but it serves to convey the information. Needless to say after a multiple month hospital stay and losing a leg Bob isn't too hip (ugh, bad pun) to head back to the OR anytime soon but it looks like he will need to have this done to be able to walk properly. As an interim move the docs have injected him with a painkiller/cortizoid concoction that hopefully will take the edge off for the holidays at least. It's good to know that there IS a solution to the problem even though it is not one that one wants to hear. I'm still thankful that Bob is on the earth bum hip or not!

We are heading off to Bob's cousin Terry's for Thanksgiving supper and festivities. Can't wait. We are getting geared up to for the three hour drive to.....Fredericksburg. Yes, I know it's less than 60 miles from Falls Church but that is the average time it takes us to get there on Thanksgiving. It's all worth it however!

Valerie called and she is going to be my go-to donut girl for Friday so stop by when you need a respite; I'd love to hear if anyone really went to Kohl's at 4am(eek!). I am here from a civilized 10am to 2pm on Friday and 9:30 to 5:30 on Saturday. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!
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