Monday, November 19, 2007

Deb Easter- Artist of the Day

Deb Easter, formerly of Woodbridge, Virginia lovingly pieces, quilts and sews these beautiful yet sturdy stockings together by hand. No sewing machine, just a comfortable chair and VERY good light! Deb constructs her stockings from velour, velvet, and holiday themed cottons. The stockings are fully lined so the treasures don't get trapped inside!

We had a fun Saturday. Steady stream of folks from the Farmer's market and clients that have been in before. Sunday Bob, the kids and I took off to West Virginia to spend an early Thanksgiving with my folks and my sister's family. So first batch of tryptophan languor! The sad part was THEN we had to get off of our duffs and drive home!

I am a grand time in my studio today working on custom orders. I really enjoying designing the various elements and putting them together to make a coherant whole. I like it even better when I am stuck, call a client with a question and they say "Oh, I'll defer to your judgement." Being on the receiving end of THAT statement is a cheap thrill. Doesn't happen much in the Land of Mom...

I'm starting to feel trapped by the calendar. The holiday "craziness" takes on a whole different flavor when it dawns on you that, uh golly, I am a merchant, a retailer, one of those people. Well, I must confess that I am putting my own spin on getting ready for Christmas, "Black Friday" or no "Black Friday"! We will continue to be open from 10 to 2 Monday through Friday during the week and from now until Christmas we will be open Saturdays from 9:30 to 5:30. On Thursdays please look for our ads in the Falls Church News Press for sale and event info. Please remember the shop WILL open by appointment so if these times are NOT convenient and you want to pop in- CALL ME, I'm happy to come open so you can shop. I haven't figured out a way to be in the studio, at home and at the shop at the same time so am happy to oblige your schedule.
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