Friday, February 8, 2008

What kind of flower is that, anyway?

I have vowed to spend at least a few minutes a day "shopping" my studio downstairs. It is amazing the stuff I am pulling out! Wednesday night's search and rescue mission came up with this beautifully embroidered tablecloth that sadly had a hole and a couple of really gnarly stains on it. That didn't stop me from turning it into the pillow you see here at left. Looks "spring-ish", eh? The minute the temperature's climb over seventy once in the season I say "that's it all done with winter, on to spring!!!!" Of course my kids are still lobbying for to use all their snow days. Heck the teachers I know are doing the same thing!

I spent so much time on the computer today playing "Suzie Shopkeeper" at Stifel and Capra that I think I am about to seize up! I am looking forward to tomorrow (I'm open from 10 to 2) to chat up the Saturday shoppers from the Farmer's Market. We have LOTS of new stuff out. New linen, more jewelry from Ting and Pixie, and a new line of stained glass items from Conley's Glass. Jack and Bette Conley were in yesterday and brought a nice cross section of their products to display. It is a bright sunny day so they are really shining bright!
On the "what's up with Bob?" front he is scheduled to meet with his orthopaedic surgeon on Monday for a pre-surgery consult. Assuming that goes smoothly I suppose he will come home with a surgery date. Fingers crossed!
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