Tuesday, October 21, 2008

fun with discarded apparel

I just finished framing half a dozen collages that I have been working on them. In keeping with the "what exactly do you DO with all of that stuff you rescue? " I present Exhibit A. One mixed media piece that uses a orphan glove that I couldn't bare to toss in the trash. The cuff is from cancelled checks from the 60's and the sleeve is minutes from an early 20th century Ladies group. The music might be "Pop goes the Weasel ". I have had a lot of music tossed my way and now can't quite remember....

The shop at Stifel & Capra has a little bit of Halloween and Thanksgiving goodies left. I am wrestling my stock of winter woolies and holiday items out of storage and am STARTING to get them set up.

We had a great day on Saturday; the weather was wonderful and Beth and I sold one of her Monumental art pieces. Check out the web site at http://www.stifelandcapra.com/ and you will find Beth's pieces under the featured artists' section under her official painting name Elizabeth Geers Loftis.

Enjoy your day!
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