Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Saga Continues & more fun with discarded...

Guessing that most people these days feel like ripping up their stock certificates I worked this vintage financial sheet into a collage!

For those of you that asked "so what DID happen with your phone situation?" I took a big chink of time out of my studio day on Monday (21/2 hours worth in fact) and went to the "Will remain nameless" Big Mobile Phone Center Retail Outlet. I walked through the door and the charming sales guy asked if he could help me and I said "Why yes, I am COMPLETELY uninterested in how or why a phone works, I don't play games video or otherwise and I hate my new phone because I can't figure out how to make it work. Show me a phone where I can pull up and respond to my corporate email in a less cumbersome fashion than this phone and you will make a sale and I will leave happy." Well, apparently I am more clever than I thought I was because the aforementioned Big Mobile Phone Retail Outlet Helpful Sale Guy couldn't get my email up on any "device" in the store. I was showing him how my phone works.... While sympathetic and charming he spent 110 minutes with me and made NO money so I am feeling a little bad for him. I have made the Zen decision to learn to use the phone I have because it seems the best of a bad bunch. If anyone has any sugggestions on phone they just loooovvvveee I'd be happy to hear ablout them.

I got some cute Christmas trees up in the store. I am however still struggling with the "supposed to have 4 feet but two snapped off when my helpful children put them in the attic last year" tree. I felt very Becky-HomeEc-y ish this morning when I figured out that the empty coffee can that I had in my hand could be converted to a tree stand via some plaster of paris. Of course I wish that I had remembered this when I was standing in the craft store waving my 25% off everything coupon bemoaning the lack of the 2 things that I went for. Perhaps quik-krete or duct tape will solve my problem. Duct tape seems to solve most problems on the planet....

All whining aside (I try not to do it often so figured I would get it all out at once!) the Christmas stuff I do have out looks might cute. Exhibit "A" to the left are all handmade by Fellow Guild Artist Mary Ann Graham. MA sold a lot of ornaments last year so come in while the selection is still plentiful.

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