Friday, November 14, 2008

Meet new Artist - Sandi Parker

You meet the nicest people standing in line! While I was waiting to deliver my submissions to last month's Art League show, one of the women keeping us organized admired the vintage carpet bag I was carrying. This led to a conversation about Stifel & Capra, THAT led her to come visit with friends and make an appointment to show me her portfolio. These three photos are of the works that are in the shop today. Sandi works in oil and is known for her Provencal landscapes. Her latest venture is informal portraiture with a sports theme. Given all of the sports crazy people in Northern Virginia, I am SURE this will be a successful endeavor for her. DO contact me if you'd like to see examples of what she can do for you.
The shop is getting that happily stuffed look it gets at holiday time. We had a very busy week so it amuses me that the place is still so full. As I spent 6 + hours cleaning, tagging and labling items you'd think I would have a clue on how it came to be! Had an amusing incident occur today when my landlady came in with the Carpet Guys to scope out restretching the undulating carpet. When they proffered that uh, EVERYTHING would have to be moved "except the heavy stuff" (!?!?!?!?!?) an executive decision was made that perhaps we should wait until after Christmas, yathink?

Thank you! to the women braved the yucky weather and that joined us yesterday for our Ladies Night Out. Carolyn Quill provided a nice wine & cheese social along with her lovely silver jewelry. Now two more people can't say "Oh, I never win anything" because Linda and Mary won the door prizes!

Weatherman is not looking real encouraging for tomorrow's forecast but DO stop in and get a jump start on Christmas shopping. If you need to do some shopping for yourself all vintage coats are 20% off! See you soon!
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