Tuesday, October 23, 2007

One small step for man....

If Charlie, Bob's prosthetist is reading this, please skip to the next paragraph. Bob decided to take a stroll on the beach at Rehoboth on Saturday. With his socks and shoes on, and his prosthetic leg too (obviously). Bob walked as well on sand as he does on terra firma with the added incentive of ocean views to motivate him. I, of course was totally paranoid Bob would fall and get sand in his bazillion dollar leg but he assured me he had enough layers n to protect himself if the worst happened.... We had a great time this weekend, how could you not when it was close to 80 degrees in October!

George practiced his vertical leaping in anticipation for basketball season and I scoured markets on the Eastern Shore. Lots of treasures for the shop! Some holiday items and a really fun mid century horse toy, jewelry, all kinds of goodies!

Like the pillow above? It is an example of one of the custom pillows I make. The embroidery is hand done and the announcement is transferred onto fabric to incorporate it into a pillow. Little Megan is an awfully pretty baby, makes it even easier to make a cute pillow!

I am trying to put a holiday hours schedule together for November and December and would love feedback from you. I know that the shop keeps somewhat whimsical (!) hours. What would work for you during the holidays to come shop? Should we stay open late one night? Longer hours every Saturday? Please email me at Theresa@StifelandCapra.com and let me know what would work for you. Thanks in advance!
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