Friday, February 15, 2008

But the fire is sooooo delightful

How deep can one bank ashes in a fireplace before it becomes a health hazard? Not sure but will soon find out. Think the ashes in my fireplace are a good 4 inches deep. Where's that honey do list? The asthmathic one here is not the best one for that chore. But I do love my fires! A lot of folks are shocked that we use our firplace so often but I must say I think it is a habit. Once you get set up and started it is easy to put it in into your routine. It so peaceful and comforting. And there is no tv in the living room so we sit around and just read or talk or wax philasophic as a family. all good things. So how come I never feel that way about exercise so THAT could become a habit.

Bob has been very diligent in doing his stretching exercises and just got a new set. Presurgical one for his hip replacement. March 25th is now "the day". I am hoping that everything goes like clockwork and Bob can back to being "Bob the rehab star" and "Look mom , no cane" Bob and "waddaya know honey I am not in constant pain" Bob. Here's praying!

Here's my cute as a button niece with her birthday pillow (and her lovely mom as well!). Shame on me I didn't wrap her gift because I had it in the shop window at Stifel & Capra. Shameless self-promotion! On both my proud auntie self and my custom pillow self!

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny so stop by the farmer's market in Falls Church and come across the street for a cup of coffee and to see what is new. We are here from 10 to 2 tomorrow.
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