Thursday, July 10, 2008

Some day I will be competent!

Today is not the day to be competent in the blog dept. apparently. My sister called me to tell me the photos didn't post on the last entry so I said "OK, I'll take care of that as soon as I get to work". Of course those photos are on my HOME PC so perhaps next entry, will I fix that! *sigh*

Had a great meeting with the "Connections Coordinator" at Vienna Pres yesterday. What that means is that Barb Jones knows how to make the connections to get information in, around and out in the community to make people aware of events. We were talking about the upcoming art show in August. I am excited to be sponsoring this event but in my usual completely paranoid way am totally convinced that no one will show up and I will be standing there all alone on Friday night. Has this EVER happened before? Uh, no. If you would like to support my mental health as well as learn about two outstanding charities in the area, please mark your calendars for August 22nd and 23rd to attend out first annual "artist helping others" show and sale. If you are an artist we are still accepting entries to hang at the show so drop me an email if you are interested in participating.

My family is headed to the beach this weekend so my lovely sister Robin will be here on Saturday from 10 to 2 for your shopping pleasure! It is supposed to be sunny and bright. The crabcake guy is back at the Farmer's Market so all is right with the world! Stop by if you can-
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