Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Love those...PEEPS?!?!

You might think it was our freshly painted new venue,Linda Morgan's awesome art dolls, or the continuous tours of the new artist studios but to some of the younger fans of Stifel and Capra, it was the Peeps! It IS close to Easter after all.
The rest of the crowd, however, had fun checking out my funky new revolving tacky jewelry cases for my tremendous, tacky, terrific vintage jewelry. I just LOVE hearing the the chuga, chuga,chink, of the goofy bicycle chains that run the things. What a hoot!

Jane, Sandi, Concetta, Vicki, Lori, and Heidi debuted their working studio/gallery spaces this last FIRSTFriday. They had lots of well-wishers toasting their success! We had a FanTAStic crowd; I don't think there was much of a crumb or a libation left to tidy at the end of the night. Cathy from Joie de Beads revived me Saturday morning with a humongous plate of doughnuts and Bellinis to enable us to finish cleaning the next morning. Nothing like a little fat, sugar, and champagne to get you motivated (?).

Thank you to EVERYONE who came out to celebrate our big move. Your support really reinforces that committing to the big thing will be a good move, rhetorically as well as literally. A thousand thank yous. Posted by Picasa

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