Monday, June 1, 2009

Saints be praised! The stairwell is painted!

It may not seem like a big deal to someone that owns their own scaffolding, but to us getting the 2 story high ceiling line painted was QUITE the feat! Actually I shouldn't say "we" because while I was tediously cutting in the upstairs hallway, Bob knocked out the entire stairwell! Oh my gosh, it looks SO much better! One less area to cringe about....
My client, friend and resident harpist Charlotte Roe gave me an unusual comission: to dress her Santo. Santos are plaster representations of Saints usually found in Middle & Central America. Charlotee gave me snippets and pieces of family lace & trim and I built her a modest covering. I normally make my art doll clothes like people clothes but because this little saint had one hand adhered to her hip it made it necessary to handstitch the clothing around her body. No changing outfits on this lady! I think she looks quite beautiful!!!

Hard to believe this weekend is FIRSTFriday weekend again! There is a LOT going on in town this month.... FIRSTFriday, the book launches, the jazz festival and last but not least, my vacation! Please get all of the details at

See you soon!
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Robin LeTourneau said...

That stairway does look gorgeous! Wow! and it will look cooler still once all your hats go up.