Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I am so pleased!

Amazing how if you actually put things out there in the universe that you get a reaction. I am somewhat infamous for starting things with a bang but then not following through with them. Mind you I usually get things done for other people in a timely fashion (we all now how freaky I am about being late!) but my OWN projects? Eeeeh, not so much...

So, when my friend Betsy asked what my plans were for the new year and I mentioned one of them was resurrecting my etsy site. She said "Great! Let's work on it NOW." Uh, now? Make my own thing a priority, really? Well, she really cajoled me into getting my fanny in gear to get some of my art posted.. As well, Betsy and her hubby Hank physically helped post some of my vintage goodies on line. You can see them at http://theresawellsstifel.etsy.com
And I started a new collage this morning. And I got this charming Bat Mitzvah pillow delivered last week. Changing gears, accounting set-ups and payroll. Somehow not feeling as thrilled about that....
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