Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Book and Art Supply Give Away! - Lesley Riley's TAP

 Toot my own horn time!One of my favorite TAP (Transfer Artist Paper) projects got featured in Lesley Riley's new book.  Creative Image Transfer features a wide range of projects sure to spark your imagination on how to use this versatile product.
For those that aren't familiar with TAP it is a polmer sheet that can be printed,  drawn or painted on and then transferred to almost any surface.  From metal to fabric to chalk & clay paint, it makes a lovely transparent layer to add to your art work.

"Fiona" here ( and instructions on how to make her ) was featured in the book and (I say proudly!) on the intro page too! I blew up an old 60's newspaper fashion ad and used TAP to make a pixelated transfer of the outline of Fiona. On "Copper Fantasy"  I transferred and vintage image of a bird onto copper.  I love how you can see the glow of the metal coming through!

To celebrate the book launch Lesley is giving away copies of the book AND packages of TAP.  The Giveaway dates are  August 6-10. To find out more check out Lesley's blog.YOu can sneak over there right NOW And let me know if you win!


Thread Born said...

Hi Theresa- My name is Julie Booth and I'm a friend of Lesley Riley's. I've been reading the posts about Lesley's new book (just bought a copy and TAP from her) and saw your name and your shop. I live in Vienna, VA and will be publishing a book in December called, "Fabric Printing at Home" (Quarry Bks). The focus of the book is using the kitchen as a supply source for creating print blocks and printing plates, stencils, rubbing plates and resists for designing fabric. I was wondering if you'd be interested in having me do a book signing with possible demos or workshops at your shop? You can reach me at: or my blog:

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