Wednesday, January 16, 2019

I'm not the only one...

After writing yesterday's post I opened an email (admittedly from over the weekend) from The Rising Tide Society with a headline of 
"We're going to come right out and say it: January 14th is the new January 1st."  That made me feel ever so slightly clever about my "beginning again on January 15th with my writing efforts pretending it's the new year today".  You can see their goal setting guide here.  

Monday's challenge prompt was: Decide what matters and what doesn't. What's your big picture? #BESTGOALS2019⠀⠀

I have decided first that I am not going to be legalistic about starting on the same day as everyone else.  Because after all this is not school, there is not only partial credit but full credit for effort. Am I right?

tools of the trade 2018 tw stifel

What matters?  For me it's
Time spent creating
Time spent with family and friends 
Transparent relationships
Good stewardship of resources
Becoming fit
Staying healthy
Flexible schedule to accomplish these things

Pensacola Sky - Commission 2018 TW Stifel
So by process of elimination this means 
events and actions that don't contribute to these things need to be minimized or go by the wayside. 
Seems too simple doesn't it?
Next Step: pondering what that looks like.

Family Dinner - Christmas 2018

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