Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday morning update

Ashleigh is kind of enought to hold the store down (literally!) while I tend to my family. Thanks Ashleigh!

The vampires (aka the blood squad) came in this morning at 4:30 to take Bob's blood and woke him back up at 6 to give him his sleeping pill (just kidding his morning meds). His blood preassure is still low (perhaps the blood loss, perhaps because of the epidural) so no blood preassure meds today. They have removed his pain epidural and have started by mouth pain meds. Bob had 2 percasets in him by 7 am apparently. The orthopaedic surgeon came in this morning and looked at the surgical site and gave it a"thumb's up!" It all looked good to him. The wound is still packed with ice and they hadn't gotten him up yet but Bob has 2 therapy sessions scheduled today. One for 11:ooam and one for 3:00 pm so that is going to change very soon!

Bob has been VERY diligent about doing his hourly exercises. He is fired up about going to PT. As we have been joking he's "old and chubby" in real life but at the hospital he is "young!" and "Strong!" even with one leg! I am sure he will be running circles around his thearapists again soon....

Thank you everyone for all of the prayers, good wishes, and offers of help. They are much appreciated and we wouldn't be where we are today without the power of prayer. Thanks again!

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