Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday at Mt. Vernon with Bob

So after I had made way too elaborate plans to get the kids covered for getting off to school this morning, my beloved husband looks at his paperwork last night and says "oh look we don't have to be there until ten, not nine!" Weeellllll, somebody mucked up the paperwork because when we walked into Mt. Vernon this morning at 9:58 some stern woman was calling "Robert Stiff-el?!?!" and Bob, proud of his 2 minutes early status said "YYEEESSSS, with great aplomb". And she said "Come with me, sir." Apparently it was last call. Surgery was at 11 not 12 (I guess when we postponed after last week there was a communnication issue). Well, I have never seen anyone prepped and slapped up on a table so fast. It literally caused a breeze! Well, he was quite a sight with his artificial leg tucked under the gurney with its shoe hanging out. Caused a few second glances as he wheeled down the hall I reckon!

As if to make up for all of the trauma of surviving sepsis and the agony of his amputation last year, today was as smooth as silk. Bob went in at 11, the surgeon was consulting with me by 12:20 telling everything went "textbook" and other than losing a "fair amount of blood"(!!) everything went very smoothly. Bob took 2 hours to recover, then was shipped up to the Ortho ward. As I headed up and the elevator door opened, I was a bit overwhelmed with feelings. The last time we were there it was extremely triumphant as Bob had survived and MADE it to rehab. I see Bob being the poster boy for rehab again soon so it was encouraging to be on the floor again.

Bob looked a little gray but as he started warming up , wiggling around and eating a bit, his color came up and he looked a lot better. He is still on the IV pain drip so keeps saying, "Huh, I'm not in pain!" When the nurse reminded him that they could turn down his pain meds to solve that situation he settled down! Brian came by and kept us company for awhile and then headed for home when Bob nodded off for a bit. He ate a robust supper. I left him watching bad TV and went home to my kiddies...

Signs of what I call my husband's "pathological social-ness" are already showing. HE is SO excited to be on the back side of the surgury. It will be hard for him to stay as still as he should so, if you want to schedule a visit at the hospital or at home, DO drop me an email! :o)

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