Thursday, March 27, 2008

Man Breaks Own Land Speed Record!

This is the view on the sidewalk out of Mt. Vernon hopspital. Quite picturesque but I am not feeling compelled to set up camp in Alexandria. Seems I won't need to after all as Bob outdid himself in physical therapy today. Not quite gamboling but stepping pretty darn briskly up AND down stairs (a flight of five) as well as a lap or two around the nurse's station. This qualifies Bob to enter his own home on his own two feet - a prerequisite for being discharged. So the big guy is again defying expectations and is ahead of schedule. I must admit I was hesitant at the thought yesterday but watching him work today he was very smooth. Bob is still in pain but it is from the surgery, NOT the arthritis, as far as he can tell. Amazing. Modern medicine is indeed a miracle. We are going to set up a bed for Bob on the main floor until he is well enough to traverse an entire flight of stairs. I have visions of him holding court from on high in the family room. High because I am propping the bed on risers so he won't have to bend so far!

Evonne, Bob's friend and fellow leg amputee, came to visit today sans crutches or cane. I think Bob was a little envious of her mobility but I predict he will catch up with her sooner than he can dream. Bob will be home Friday night so DO make plans to call and stop by, Mr. Extrovert loves the company!
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